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Crafted with the Management Information Systems curriculum in mind, MISSimulation breaks down complex MIS theories into manageable, interactive learning experiences. Students can experiment with data analytics, witness the influence of data on strategic planning, and understand the operational impact of their decisions—all within a controlled, risk-free virtual setting. It's an experiential learning journey that prepares them for the business world with confidence and competence.

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Empowering Teaching

MIS Simulation is made to complement your unique teaching approach, offering an adaptable platform with an intuitive dashboard that empowers you to customize the learning experience and easily monitor student progress. This versatile tool is designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice, allowing students to apply conceptual knowledge to practical scenarios and develop tangible skills within a rich educational environment. With this simulation, you can enhance critical thinking, deepen technical understanding, and provide a hands-on experience that's as effective as it is engaging.

AI-Driven Course Alignment Tool

Enhance your teaching with our AI-Driven Course Alignment Tool. Upload your course outline or even an introduction to the course PPT slide deck to check if it aligns with MISsimulation.com.

  • 1. Upload Course Outline: Easily upload your syllabus in .pdf, .docx, or .ppt format.
  • 2. AI Analysis: Our AI reviews your course content.
  • 3. Get Immediate Results: If your course is a good fit, you'll receive simulation setup recommendations.


Case Studies

Target's Data-Driven Marketing: Lessons for MISsimulation

Learn how Target's innovative use of data analytics in marketing offers valuable lessons for MISsimulation. By examining Target's approach to personalized marketing, customer segmentation, and resource optimization, students can gain practical experience in applying data-driven strategies. This case study demonstrates how MISsimulation prepares students for real-world marketing challenges by providing hands-on experience with data analysis, audience targeting, and strategic decision-making.

Obama '12 Digital Campaign

Discover how President Obama's 2012 re-election campaign leveraged data analytics to achieve remarkable success through voter segmentation, personalized messaging, and optimized resource allocation. This case study highlights how these principles are applied within the MISsimulation platform, offering students hands-on experience in data-driven decision-making for marketing campaigns. By engaging with MISsimulation, students gain valuable skills directly transferable to real-world marketing and business scenarios.

Integrate real-world applications of MIS concepts into your curriculum.

Real-World Application of MIS Concepts
MISsimulation provides a practical context for applying theoretical MIS concepts. Students manage a virtual electoral campaign, utilizing MIS tools and strategies to influence outcomes. This practical application solidifies abstract concepts, making learning tangible and impactful.
Development of Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills
The simulation challenges students to think critically and analytically, making strategic decisions based on data analysis. This process enhances essential MIS skills, preparing students to handle complex business challenges effectively. MISsimulation involves students in active decision-making roles, boosting engagement and motivation. The competitive element of the simulation fosters deeper interaction with course material, encouraging excellence.
Integration and Customization
The platform easily integrates into existing MIS courses and offers customizable features, allowing instructors to align the simulation with specific educational goals and student needs. Immediate feedback from the simulation helps students learn from their decisions. For instructors, detailed analytics support comprehensive assessment and targeted feedback, enhancing teaching strategies.
Comprehensive MIS Concept Coverage
MISsimulation encapsulates core MIS concepts such as decision support systems, project management, and business analytics, linking them to practical tasks within the simulation. Students see firsthand how data management influences strategic decisions, how technology supports operational efficiency, and the significance of cybersecurity in protecting campaign data. This comprehensive integration ensures that students not only learn individual MIS concepts but also understand how these interrelate and apply to real-world scenarios.

Trusted By Many

Embraced by over 10,000 students at leading universities across the US and Canada, the MIS Simulation has been the go-to resource for Management Information Systems professors since 2016. We have since been featured in the peer-reviewed Journal of Statistics and Data Science Education as a distinguished tool for teaching business students the core concepts of MIS.