Business Meets Data is an interactive, business simulation game created by professors, for professors, teaching business information systems courses. The simulation provides an engaging, hands-on, competitive exercise that demonstrates the importance of data and information systems in decision making. is set in a neutral, yet popular, domain of a political election campaign, where the strategic use of data has been the dominant topic of news. This allows for participation and learning opportunities for students of all academic backgrounds.

MISsimulation is based on real-life use of data in election campaigns. Students use simple data analysis techniques to identify strategic priorities, improve operational effectiveness, increase their return on investment, and ultimately, gain competitive edge.
Watch: PBS Digital Campaign Watch: Individualized Marketing
Professor feedback

I look forward to the start of each class when we recap last week’s actions. It generates a lot of discussion and creates ample opportunities to tie the students’ game actions to course concepts. The concepts resonate with students so much more when they are the ones applying them.

Student feedback

I must admit playing the game was highly addictive. I often spent hours optimizing the residents’ list for next turn action to get the best bang for the buck for our team.

Wide Availability

MISsimulation does not require the installation of hardware or software. The simulation game utilizes the latest cloud based technologies. It is compatible with all popular PC, Mac, tablet, and smart phone browsers. has been implemented by higher education institutions as a department wide course curriculum standard for business information systems courses and by individual instructors teaching an MIS course.